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The Digibridge GmbH is a leading technology company specializing in innovative solutions in the fields of digital transformation and bridging the gap between traditional and digital business environments. As part of the Corporate Momentum Group, Digibridge can leverage a variety of additional resources and services to develop and implement a digitalization concept tailored to the needs of its customers.

Digibridge was founded in 2016 by Dr. Thomas Endres with the vision of assisting companies in fully leveraging the opportunities of the digital era. We also rely on nearshoring resources from European countries to address the shortage of skilled workers and continuously increasing demands. As a result, we have successfully completed projects for a variety of industries. With a dedicated team of professionals and a clear strategic focus, we consider ourselves optimally positioned to continue playing a significant role in the dynamic environment of digital transformation in the future.

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Our Mission

To support your digitalization projects optimally, we rely on nearshoring resources from Europe. We offer talented specialists tailored to your needs, strategic outsourcing for business processes or software development, time zone compatibility, and leverage geographical and cultural similarities for successful collaboration.

Our support for your needs

Digital Transformation

Digibridge assists companies in optimizing their business models through digital innovations. From the implementation of cloud solutions to the introduction of AI technologies, the company provides comprehensive services to drive digital transformation.

IT Consulting and Services

We offer tailored IT consulting services to support companies in the efficient use of information technology. This includes strategic planning, system integration, and the implementation of customized software solutions.

Bridging Tradition & the Digital Age

A key aspect of the business model is the ability to connect traditional business processes with digital innovations. This allows customers to benefit from cutting-edge technology without having to abandon their proven methods and structures.

Our Expert Team

Dominik Matheis

Management Business Operations

Athanasios Vavatsikos

Full-Stack Developer

Panagiotis Thodos

Digital Project Coordinator

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