Digibridge and KDVM Datalabs are offering full-time IT scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024

During the academic year 2023-2024, the esteemed KDVM Datalabs program is proud to present the coveted scholarship program in collaboration with the German company Digibridge. This provides young, talented individuals with a unique opportunity to kickstart their careers in information technology.

The Diploma in IT: A Journey into the World of Application Development

The Diploma in IT, offered by KDVM Datalabs, is a comprehensive training program aimed at anyone who wants to enter the world of programming as a junior developer with a wide range of skills. The program, which requires no prior knowledge, covers three main areas of computer science:

  1. Design and development of web applications, websites and e-shops
  2. Implementing apps for Android devices
  3. Programming of frontend and backend applications

Students are guided from fundamentals to advanced skills, utilizing cutting-edge technologies including source code management with Git and the integration of AI tools, such as those implemented in ChatGPT.

Partnering with Digibridge: Talent Promotion

KDVM Datalabs is delighted to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Digibridge. As part of this collaboration, two full-time scholarships are being offered for the Diploma in IT program. This presents a unique opportunity for young individuals to advance in the field of information technology.

Highlights of the scholarship program:

1. Covering the cost of tuition fees:

The entire costs for participating in the courses, as well as for certification exams, will be fully covered by Digibridge.

2. Individual Coaching:

Throughout the entire program, scholarship recipients will have a mentor from Digibridge who will guide them through the learning process and provide support.

3. Job Offer from Digibridge:

Upon successful completion of the program and based on performance during their studies, graduates will receive an exclusive job offer from Digibridge in Greece.

Vision and Mission: Greece as a Technology Center

The partnership between KDVM Datalabs and Digibridge reflects the shared belief that Greece has the potential to play a leading role in cutting-edge technologies. The increasing demand for professionals in this field and the heightened investments from companies such as CISCO, Pfizer, and Microsoft underscore this emerging trend.

Application Process and Deadlines

Those interested can apply for the scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024. The application process involves several steps, including collaboration with LeadCompass for the creation of resumes and benefits, as well as psychometric tests in partnership with Testbiz.

Overall, the scholarships in collaboration with Digibridge offer a unique opportunity for aspiring talents to start their careers in IT while being guided by experienced mentors. This program is a step towards a promising future for the technological advancement of Greece.

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